Life Care
Identify and quantify the care needs of people with catastrophic injuries & conditions- creating care plans to effectively meet changing individual needs.

Earning Capacity

Interview, test, and obtain and analyze data from key source documents, to form solid opinions about employability and future earning capacity.

Communicate forensic rehabilitation opinions relative to life care and vocational and earning capacity issues in a range of jurisdictions, including civil, State, District, and Federal courts.


Working closely with a range of fellow experts (i.e., Physiatrists, Orthopedists, Economists, and Neuro-sychologists), applying three decades of counseling background, conducting effective case-related scientific research and analysis, rigorous rehabilitation methodology yields solid opinions that prove time and again to be persuasive with triers-of-fact.


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Steve Bast, MHS, CVE, CDMS, FVE, CCM