Vocational Assessment Software
...Flexible, Accurate, and Fast!

When the question relates to worker traits and elements defined by the U.S. Dept. of Labor...
When the question relates to a worker whose options require careful thinking or comparisons...
When streamlined reports are needed that sum up steps taken...
LifeStep can be just what the doctor ordered!
1.   LifeStep version 5.0 runs on your desk, with no usage limits or fees.  Use it to help formulate the primary argument on a case, or just to provide background such as work history reports, summary of the worker-trait profile, or simple comparison.
2.   Instantly sort job title lists by multiple factors (how else can you consider big lists?).  Run searches by interests, themes, capacity, similarity, and more. Click for Full Features List
3.   Tailored to your business/practice style, cost-effective.  Recoup your purchase price after billing out only a handful of cases!

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Tele-Conference Training sessions are held periodically, and yield 2.0 CEU's. Please call for details.