Key features of Version 5.0:
It sits on your desk (and/or laptop) ready to assist in your casework when needed, with no ongoing charges of any kind. It works on any computer running Windows, and uses only 60 MB of space on your hardrive.

It does transferable skills analysis- (applying Classic DOL-CFR/RHAJ model of transferability &/or innovative search model/s) quickly and defensibly, and prints into streamlined report formats that are easily understood.

It gives an awesome array of options for sorting and tailoring of job title lists (including by strength, SVP, industry, DOT #, similarity to previous work, &/or alphabetic order).
It allows comparison of pre- and post- injury profiles &/or options.
It offers 10+ streamlined report printing options, geared to counseling, social security, forensic, and a range of other case settings. You can print comparisons, graphics, &/or copy directly into other programs.
It contains and allows easy access to all aspects of the DOT, Selected Characteristics..., & RHAJ (i.e.:Dictionary of Occupational Titles, Revised Handbook for Analyzing Jobs, and Occupational Outlook Handbook).
It helps you do job analysis and labor market surveys.
Please contact Steve Bast with any questions at 305-974-0492.