Provided directly to you for inclusion as attachment
in your report, or directly to your retaining attorney.

Confidential, defensible, ethical, cost-effective.
Provided in: Word, WordPerfect, Adobe PDF,
or Excel.
24 hour emergency turnaround possible (
25% premium for super rush orders).

By moving your mouse pointer over the sample icon at the right of each of the services described in this table, you should be able to see report samples. Be aware that some of these services yield a wide variety of report types, and that we have just included one or two representative samples for each. Employer lists, for instance, may be requested as mailing lists, as call lists, as table-ized summaries, or in a number of other formats. When you're ready to order a report, please send us an e-mail note or give us a call at 954-984-8833 to discuss your case needs.

  Brief service description In support of your... More detailed description Typical Cost Sample Ordering
1. PRE-SCREENED ADVERTISED JOB LEADS Placement efforts Leads are current, pulled from virtually hundreds of important sources, with an emphasis on the largest local newspapers. Leads are provided in any of several formats, including: (a) as URL-only, or (b) formatted and table-ized in Word, WordPerfect, Excel, or Adobe PDF.
$10-$40 per lead, depending on formatting requested and search difficulty
2. CUSTOMIZED DETAILED BUSINESS LISTS Resource search or labor market research You select targeted business or employer type/s, location, and size (number of employees), we provide to you table-ized ready for use. (Need wheelchair vendors in Peoria, or employers likely to hire Dispatchers in area code 212?) $1-$2 per listing, based on qty and format requested
(i.e., Attorneys or Carriers)
Marketing mailers You select targeted employer type/s, location, and size (number of employees), we provide to you table-ized ready for use (or in other formats, such as mailing labels). $1-$2 per listing, based on qty.






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