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By moving your mouse pointer over the sample icon at the right of each of the services described in this table, you should be able to see report samples. Be aware that some of these services yield a wide variety of report types, and that we have just included one or two representative samples for each. Employer lists, for instance, may be requested as mailing lists, as call lists, as table-ized summaries, or in a number of other formats. When you're ready to order a report, please send us an e-mail note or give us a call at 954-984-8833 to discuss your case needs.

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Highly individualized loss of Earning Capacity Assessments (ECA), with detailed footnotes explaining every aspect (makes your job a snap)

Forensic vocational assessment (i.e., personal injury or divorce) These carefully constructed, report attachments range from 3-8 pages long, depending on number of scenarios. They include some or all of the following tables: (a) published earnings associated with pre-injury occupations, (b) pre-injury earnings according to tax records, (c) published earnings associated with demonstrated post-injury transferable work skills without additional training, (d) published earnings associated with demonstrated post-injury transferable skills in scenario that includes retraining, (e) work life estimates, and (f) projection of earnings scenarios across remaining work life.
depending on whether you conduct the TSA or we do, and depending on number of tables and scenarios requested.

Highly customized analysis of the value of Household Services (H/S) losses

Forensic vocational assessment This rather complex report attachment yields estimate of the value of a person's practical household service/s (H/S) losses, and is based on the framework yielded from two key studies: the Dollar Value of a Day study (Expectancy Data), and the American Time Use Study (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). Among the tables usually included are the following: (a) estimation of individual services values based on associated local BLS-OES figures, (b) year-by-year projection of value of pre-injury H/S efforts, (c) year-by-year projection of value of post-injury H/S efforts, and (d) comparison to value of losses when calculated using quotes from local vendors instead of from associated OES figures. $500-$1,500
depending on whether household service contributions are seen as having been lost partially or entirely, and on number of assessment approaches used (local vendors and BLS-OES)






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